About us

A Company with Character

Founded in 1984, Comic Images is the originator of Super-Deformed Plush™ and has long delivered some of the most innovative and unique toys and collectibles on the market today.

Each product is created in conjunction with our licensor partners. Our design, materials and manufacturing set our products apart and ensure the highest standards in quality and safety.

Our goal is to add artistry, humor and an understanding of what it means to be a fan in every product we develop.

Be confident! Comic Images products are designed to bring a smile to your face every time!

Our Partners –

For more than 30 years, Comic Images has been a trusted partner of many of the largest licensors and most popular entertainment properties in the world.

Learn more about our great entertainment properties – but if you follow the links then make sure to come back!

Star Wars                      www.starwars.com

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles    www.nick.com/ninja-turtles

DC Comics                       www.dccomics.com

Testimonials –

Comic Images fans come in all ages and sizes. Here, a few comments posted by customers online.

STAR WARS BB-8 Super-Deformed Plush 
Let me start by saying that my 2 year old son absolutely loves this plush toy. We bought this for him because he loves BB-8 and wouldn’t stop trying to play with the expensive phone-controlled BB-8 that we have. He carries this everywhere around the house and it is the only item he takes to bed each night.
– Adam, 2016

TMNT Leonardo Back Buddy
… Too cool for school!
– Bill, 2015

-Taylor, 2015

STAR WARS Yoda Back Buddy
I collect all things Yoda. … I’m a teacher and use it to carry my pens, pencils and other small daily needs. I didn’t buy it for size or huge functionality, I bought it because it is so darn adorable!
– Kate, 2015